Lists that matter

because you made theme! Keep track of everything from interesting resources relevant to client matters to important items to read, watch or listen to on the way to work

create pttv playlists

create a specific list just for the video content that interests you. PLUS view your saved videos all in the same place. PPTV Playlists give you the power to manage your firm's tax training by sharing a PTTV playlist with your team or colleagues.

share your lists

researching a topic with your colleagues for a specific client? Create a list of rekevant resources and share it with your team.


real time

tips & news form the tax community delivered directly to your PT Messenger inbox. Make sure to visit your notification settings so you never miss an important update.

add notes save to list log for pd

make notes on all resources delivered to your inbox, add the resource to one of your custom lists to organise or save for later, and log your time spent in your PD log easily..

find what you need

search your entire PT Messenger inbox easily and quickly. The resource you saw two weeks ago and now need is never far away


view all your notes

and the resources they relate to can easily be revisited in the 'notes' section.

search all of your notes easily

can't find that info you found so interesting a while back? Easily search your notes from thr Notes dashboard.

add and share notes

Make notes about resources as you go (including videos) that are particularly interesting or relevant, Share your notes with colleagues and collaborate effectively.

pd log

log all resources as pd

all videos, podcasts and pdfs in the Practising Tax library can count towards your PD. Log it as you go and watch your PD take care of itself

change the way you do your pd

quit wasting chargeable time travelling to boring seminars. Use Practising Tax to complete all your PD requirements and log them as you go

export your pd report

keep all your PD records in one place by pressing the log button to log non-Practising Tax PD. Hit the export button to download your full report.


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